Welcome to the home of the LCHS Patriot Band, the largest and most recognizable organization at Lakeview Centennial High School.  Our band program consists of 225 student musicians and guard members.​  We have 4 Concert Ensembles, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and a Winter Guard.  


​*Weekly Update August 22-August 26*

Monday, August 22nd          3:30-5:15    Outside Rehearsal @ Lakeview Centennial

Tuesday, August 23rd          2:45-3:30   Sectional Rehearsal: Flute, Trumpet, T. Sax, Trombone,                                                                    Baritone

                                          3:30-5:15   Outside Rehearsal @ Lakeview Centennial

Wednesday, August 24th      2:45-3:30   Sectional Rehearsal:  Clarinet, Mellophone, Bass Clarinet,                                                                 Bari Sax, Tuba 

                                          3:30-5:30    Outside Rehearsal @ Lakeview Centennial

Thursday, August 25th         2:45-3:30   Sectional Rehearsal:  Alto Saxophone

                                          3:30-5:14   Outside Rehearsal @ Lakeview Centennial


Friday, August 26th             7:00 pm      ​LCHS vs. Waxahachie

Game Day Itinerary 

  • 2:45     Full Band Run Through
  • 3:45     Load Truck/Trailers and Evening Meal
  • 5:00     Inspection
  • 5:15     Load Busses and Leave
  • 5:45     Arrive at HBJ Stadium, Unload
  • 6:20     March In and Pre-Game
  • 7:00     Game Begins
  • 10:00   Approximate Game Ending/Load Trucks, Trailers, Buses
  • 10:30   Arrive back at Lakeview Cetennial High School, Unload Equipment​ 

Inspection List

  • Performance Attire:  Band Shorts, Grey Rehearsal Shirt, White Ankle Socks, Athetic                                       Shoes
  • Poncho
  • Lyre
  • Flip Folder and Music
  • ​Instrument